We are experts at producing modern motorboats, each of which is produced in our company in its entirety – from the very first design to the last quality control stages taking place on the water.

Nearly all of the custom components used in our boats are manufactured by us – or delivered by Sea Life, which is our partner company from Augustów. We make all the upholstery, wooden, plexiglass and metal elements ourselves, which gives us full control over the quality and availability of elements needed for every single stage of production.

We keep up with the ever-evolving demands of the industry, regularly improving our processes and implementing new technologies – which can be attested to by the visitors of numerous boat shows all over the world.

Motorboat design

Every project begins with a bold idea. The decades of experience we acquired while collaborating with our clients allow us to produce the boats of upmost quality.

We also have access to a professional boat modeling facility – allowing us to keep up with the expanding motorboat market.

Unique products

Every order warrants an individualized approach and leads to a unique product based on our client’s demands. Our experience and involvement translates into a great flexibility and allows us to accept new challenges and proudly rise up to our client’s expectations.

Made by hand

Our boats are laminated by hand, a method ensuring the highest quality and durability of the GRP components. Applying the gelcoat by hand guarantees that each of the layers meets require thickness standards – from 0,6 to 0,8 mm. Having every element produced by hand by experienced workers translates into quality unachievable for most serially produced motorboats.


It is one of our defining virtues. A precise plan allows us to oversee and complete production orders in a timely fashion.


We have our own shipping facilities that allows us to deliver our motorboats to every corner of the world.

Maintenance and repairs

In order to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers we also provide a full range of after-sale and renovation services.

Our products

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Our products

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